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Texas Prison Pen Pals
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More Pen Pals


This is Hiram Hernandez and his mom.

Hiram is 18 yrs old and is currently incarcerated in Houston,TX. He is also originally from Houston. He is very interested in having a pen pal to help the time pass faster. He is a very sweet guy. He loves to read and is working on getting his G.E.D. so drop him a line of encouragement today!His release date is April,2002.

Hiram Hernandez # 1056360
Kegans State Jail
707 Top St.
Houston,TX. 77002

Please be sure to include the Tdc # on the front of the envelope or he will not receive the letter. thanks so much!




This is Magdaleno " Lucky" Morales and his niece. Isnt she adorable??

Magdaleno is 25 yrs. old and his hobbies include fishing,hunting,and drawing. He also like to go to the movies,to the mall, or just hang around the house watching t.v. with friends.He is single,never married nor does he have any children. His release date is Jan. 18 , 2002 , so you need to hurry up and write to him before he slips away! He is very goodlooking dont you think???

Magdaleno " Lucky" Morales # 1040496
707 Top Street
Houston,Tx. 77002

Johnny Snodgrass # 683004
3001 S. Emily Dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

Imprisioned white male seekd that special woman who will shed light on a world of darkness.

Terry Rayborn # 517239
3001 S. Emily Dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

6' 205 lbs. powerfully built, tattoed body,intelligent mind,firm but open heart looking for????

Freddy Munoz # 1035782
707 Top Street
Houston,Tx. 77002

Freddy is 36 Yrs old.

Juan A. Martinez # 1038006
707 Top Street

Juan is 25 yrs. old and his release date is April 11,2002.

Lee Lainez # 879008
po box 6400
Tenn. Colony,Tx.75861

Lee is someone I dont really know personally, but one of my best friends say he is a very nice guy. He is of peruvian descent and very nice looking!! He needs a pen pal so badly,please write to him!

Andrew Martinez # 1036437
15845 FM 164
Childress,TX. 79201
Andrew is 21 yrs. old and is from Dallas,TX.

Nito Guerra # 863798
Rt 3 box 9800
Dayton,Tx. 77535

Nito is 24 yrs. old and is at the end of his 6 yr. sentence. He should parole 2002. He is a very nice guy and doesnt get much mail.

Tomas Montes # 832215
Ferguson Unit
121210 Savage Drive.
Midway,Tx. 75852-3654

Glenn Brooks # 1043368
3001 S. Emily Dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

"Lonely outlaw seeks female correspondace"
Blond hair,blue eyes,great sense of humor,heavily tattoed.

Micheal Kerry # 838984
3001 S. Emily Dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

Blonde hair blue eyed devil.5'7'' tall ,160 lbs. 6-pack stomach. Completely inked out. Hope to hear from a Featherwood.

Roy Rodriguez Jr. # 656188
Gib Lewis H.S.
Po Box 9000
Woodville,TX. 75990

Roy is 27 yrs old and is in ad-seg. He is a very talented artist and does many crafts to make money so that he is not a burden on his family. He is a very sweet guy and needs mail very badly. please write to him!




Johnny Gonzales # 468255
3001 S. Emily dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

Johnny is 38 yrs old.He is 5'9'' tall and weighs 200 lbs. His skin complexion is light brown and he has brown eyes.
He says he is not skinny nor fat. He is a very sensitive,caring and understanding individual. I will soon be posting his picture so keep checking back! thanks!!

David M. Silva # 644334
3001 S. Emily dr.
Beeville,TX. 78102

Reynaldo Garcia # 413079
Po Box 4500
Tenn Colony,TX. 75886

Tommy Welch # 576671
3001 S. Emily Dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

"Diamond in the rough" 42,6'1'' tall , greeneyed artist.Allow me to draw you into my life to share my hopes and dreams.

Hank Jones # 884523
Clements Unit
9601 spur 591
Amarillo,TX. 79107-9609

I have known Hank since we were kids togeher. He has very blue eyes , brownish blonde hair and the sexiest smile. He is 27 yrs old. He is doing life with the possibility of parole when he is like 65 yrs. old. I wont say what he is doing life for, that is for him to tell you, but please dont let that scare you away from writing to him. Of all the men on this site, He needs your letters the most.

Humberto Garza # 627754
McConall Unit
3001 S. Emily Dr.

Beto is 24 yrs old and is from the
Rio Grand Valley.He is 5'6'' tall and weighs 145 lbs. He has been incarcerated for 5 yrs. He does artwork and would really appreciate a female pen pal.

Roberto Moreno # 853933
Stevenson Unit
1525 FM 766
Cuero,Tx. 77954

This man is one of the best looking men I have ever seen in my life! No joke! He has eyes that can make you want to melt and a smile that will turn your blood to fire! He is 32 yrs. old and is in on an immigration charge.



This is Justin Pickett and he is 22 yrs. old.He was born and raised in Corpus Christi,TX. He weighs 180 lbs. and is 5'7 inches tall. He has dark blonde hair,and blue/grey eyes. He is currently serving a 5 yr. sentence but is due to be released in Nov. of 2002. He is looking for an honest person who has a great sense of humor. Race,age,size unimportant. He is just looking for someone to talk to and spoil!!!

Justin Pickett # 798707
3001 S. Emily dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

Fortunato Hinojosa # 74181-080
Federal Prison CAmp Uvalde Unit
Po Box 4300
Three Rivers,Tx. 78071-4300

Julio Garduno # 916994
15845 Fm 164
Childress,TX. 79201

Julio is very special to me, he is the baby of this site. He is only 18 yrs old and is in on a 6 yr sentence. He is from Dallas,tx. He is such a sweet boy, you wouldnt regret giving him a chance to be your friend. female only please

Carlos Gomex # 883262
11034 Hwy 136
Brazoria,TX. 77422

Carlos is 20 yrs. old and is from Dallas,Tx originally. He has the prettiest eyes and the sweetest smile.He is 5'5'' tall and weighs 130 lbs. He has a 12 yr. sentence but comes up for parole in 2003.

LaMasio C. Washington # 507848
3001 S. Emily Dr.
Beeville,Tx. 78102

Lamasio is looking for pen pals and also for legal help. Please read the following from him..............

Hi, my name is Lamasio . I'm a very sincere and business minded African American male prisoner seeking anyone who would (or might) be willing to assist me in fighting my wrongful conviction and in doing so become a life-long companion and friend. I also have a 50/50 business deal for anyone who would become the Director of my legal defense fund.Please know that you are truly needed...... and please write. thanks very much for your time, Lamasio.